Nova Scotia Foot Care Nurses

Supporting excellent nursing foot care, lower limb health and mobility for Nova Scotians.



The Association provides opportunities for foot care nurses to learn, collaborate, access relevant resources and network to support their nursing foot care practices.


This website is intended to provide resources to both the public and our own members. Launched September 2020, the website will continue to grow and evolve.

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Nursing is regulated by the Nova Scotia College of Nurses. Nurses adhere to the Standards of Practice and Codes of Ethics and follow guidelines when provided by their regulatory body and the provincial Department of Health and Wellness.

Nursing foot care includes:
1.  A comprehensive assessment of general health, the lower limb and footwear
2.  Noninvasive care at the level of the epidermis such as trimming and/or filing nails, reduction of thick nails, reduction or removal of corns and/or calluses and hygienic skin care.
3.  An emphasis on measures to prevent foot related problems
4.  An emphasis on client education
5.  Referral to and /or collaboration with other health professionals e.g. MD, NP, podiatrist, pedorthist, physiotherapist, osteopath and others.
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